Our long-term goal is to facilitate the full integration of Latino newcomers to the economic and social institutions of rural communities.

In order to accomplish this goal, the project will:

1) Develop tools to evaluate receiving communities and newcomers’ acculturation and integration profiles
2) Design, facilitate, and evaluate processes of community integration through action research
3) Develop quantitative tools to assess outcomes of the community integration process at the individual & community levels


Phase 1
Phase 1’s goal is to understand the perspectives of Latino newcomers and long-term residents through development of profiles based on data and tools to measure acculturation and integration of each group at two levels: individually through surveys; and collectively through focus groups.

In Phase 2
Phase 2 consists of action research about Facilitating Community Integration, which includes the process itself as well as assessments based on surveys and case studies.  Participants will be engaged in action research and will identify community actions toward integration.

Approach and Process

1. Tools for evaluating integration at the individual level;
2. Ex-ante and ex-post survey;
3. Action research methods on integration, and tools for evaluating integration at the community level;
4. Community case studies of integration. 

Expected Outcomes:
1. Integration Profiles of receiving and newcomer communities;
2. Tool of Appreciative Inquiry as a method to facilitate integration;
3. Community and Individual Integration Assessment Tools;
4. Increased linkages between newcomers and receiving community; and
5. Training graduate students