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Cambio Center News - May 2014


Happy Summer from the Cambio Center!


In this newsletter: Cambio de Colores Conference Update, Cambio Center’s 10th Anniversary, Cambio Center Update, Welcome to New Fellows, News from Fellows


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Cambio de Colores 2014 – Conference News and Updates

June 25-27, Reynolds Alumni Center, MU


We are pleased to share the 2014 Cambio de Colores Conference program. We have a great line up this year and look forward to all the presentations and discussions.


Please help us in inviting participants to this year’s conference.  The conference welcomes Mizzou faculty and students to attend any plenary or breakout presentation, as the conference sessions are open free of charge to all members of the Mizzou community.  (Paid registration is required to receive conference materials and to partake in the meals offered at the event.)


The Plenary Sessions will feature Roger Campos, Jill Kilanowski, Sylvia Lazos, Alejandro Portes, and Michele Waslin.


Some of the stand-out programming includes presentations from our fellows: Lisa Dorner, Lisa Flores, Eleazar Gonzalez, Alejandra Gudiño, Steve Jeanetta, Stephanie Potochnick, and Corinne Valdivia.


One example of the excellent workshops at this year’s conference is: “Welcoming Schools: The Integration Process at Ritenour Public Schools” given by David Nehrt-Flores (Missouri Immigrant and Refugee Advocates), Mike LaChance (Ritenour Public Schools), and Connie Dee (St. Louis County Library - Rock Road Branch). This workshop shares the unique experiences in a partnership between a school district, a non-profit, and a community stakeholder to make a “welcoming school” that is inclusive to immigrants and the children of immigrants. 


To check out the full program, please visit


Cambio Center 10th Anniversary - the Arrival of a Second Decade


The Cambio Center turns 10 this October!  After ten years of research and outreach, mostly linked to the incorporation of Latino immigrants into Missouri communities, the Center is engaging its stakeholders and fellows in discussing plans and goals for the upcoming decade. We plan to hold a celebration in the fall and will keep you updated with the schedule.


Welcome Two New Fellows to the Cambio Center


The number of faculty working on issues related to immigrants and Latinos keeps growing at Mizzou! The Cambio Center proudly welcomes two new fellows: Emily Crawford and Angie Zapata.


Emily Crawford is assistant professor in Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis. She is already engaged with other fellows in developing a competitive research grant proposal.

Her research interests include:

Angie Zapata is assistant professor in Learning, Teaching, & Curriculum, specializing in Elementary Literacy Education.
Her research interests include:


Cambio Center Update


Recent Grant Submissions:


Lisa Y. Flores (PI), Emily R. Crawford, Lisa M. Dorner, Stephen C. Jeanetta, Domingo Martinez-Castilla, Stephanie R. Potochnick, Corinne Valdivia. Agriculture and Food Research Initiative: Foundational Program. Project Description: Strategies to Facilitate Community Integration that Fosters Wealth Creation.

Stephen C. Jeanetta (PI), Cornelia B. Flora, Jan L. Flora, Ruben Martinez, & Corinne Valdivia.  Agriculture and Food Research Initiative: Foundational Program. Project Description: Latino Agricultural Entrepreneurship Strategies, Networks Of Support, and Sustainable Rural Development (resubmission)

Corinne Valdivia (PI), Lisa Y. Flores, Stephen C. Jeanetta, Domingo A. Martinez-Castilla, Stephanie R. Potochnick. Agriculture and Food Research Initiative: Foundational Program. Project Description: Impact and Policy Dimensions of Immigrant Livelihoods, Networks and Context on Economic Integration and Wealth Creation in the Rural Midwest


Transitions and Thanks


The Cambio Center has been fortunate to have the excellent support of our undergraduate assistants Rachel Schmidt and Katarina Sostaric. Rachel has supported all facets of our work for the past year and a half, and Katarina has helped with our conference proceedings, outreach, and design work, among many other things, during this school year. Both Rachel and Katarina have graduated and are starting work in their fields. We thank them for their dedicated efforts here and wish them the best of luck in their future undertakings!


Updates from Cambio Center Fellows


Gustavo Carlo – Human Development and Family Studies

Gustavo Carlo is co-editing a book on "Rural Ethnic Minority Families and Youth" to be published by Springer.


Carlo, Gustavo.  “Risk and protective correlates of METH-associated externalizing problems among European American and U.S. Latino/a METH-dependent users.” Research Presentation at the Annual College of Drug Dependence Problems conference in June in Puerto Rico.


Anne Dannerbeck Janku - Research Manager at the Missouri Office of State Courts Administrator

Anne Dannerbeck Janku is leading a training panel on Best Practice Standards with Historically Disadvantaged Populations at the National Association of Drug Court Professionals Annual Conference. The conference will be held on May 28-31, 2014 in Anaheim, CA.


Juanamaria Cordones-Cook – Department of Romance Languages and Literature


Recent Publications:

Cordones-Cook, Juanamaria. “Rolando Estévez Jordán: ‘muchos artistas’.” Afro-Hispanic Review. Volume 31, Number 2 (Fall 2013): 15-25.


Cordones-Cook, Juanamaria.  “Nancy Morejón reflexiona sobre Estévez y Vigía.”Afro-Hispanic Review. Volume 31, Number 2 (Fall 2013): 187-192.


Cordones-Cook, Juanamaria.  “Retórica de una mirada sobre La Habana.” Afro-Hispanic Review. Volume 31, Number 2 (Fall 2013): 163-174.


Cordones-Cook, Juanamaria. “La voz visual de Estévez.” Afro-Hispanic Review. Volume 31, Number 2 (Fall 2013): 26-52.


Cordones-Cook, Juanamaria. “Tertuliando ...”  Afro-Hispanic Review. Volume 31, Number 2 (Fall 2013): 193-220.


Cordones-Cook, Juanamaria. Del palenque a la escena: Antología crítica de teatro afro-latinoamericanoBogotá, Colombia: Universidad Nacional de Colombia Press, 2012, 2013, 2014. 780 pages. A critical anthology of Afro-Latin American theater (15 plays). There have been three editions of this book in 18 months. This critical anthology was selected by the Minister of Culture of Colombia to be distributed in all the schools, public libraries, and municipalities in the nation.


Cordones-Cook, Juanamaria. NM- RB: Dos mujeres, una isla / NM- RB: Two Women, One Island. Designed by Rolando Estévez Jordán. Matanzas, Cuba: El Fortín (2014).


Cordones-Cook, Juanamaria. Soltando amarras y memorias: Mundo y poesía de Nancy Morejón. A revised edition published in Havana, 2014 by Ediciones SurInstituto Cubano del Libro. (original edition 244 pages, revised edition 380 pages). Presented by Margarita Mateo Palmer, Alex Pausides y Luis Carbonell, at the international Book Fair in Havana, February 2014.


Recent Screenings:

Cordones-Cook, Juanamaria. Nancy Morejón: Paisajes célebres / Famous Landscapes (2013). (filmed in Cuba with Imágenes del Caribe) (designing, producing, directing, collaborating in script and edition). This documentary offers a unique perspective on contemporary Cuban culture and intellectual life through the world and artistic achievements of one of its most celebrated poets, Nancy Morejón (Havana 1944), as well as through the voices and images of prominent Afro-Cuban intellectuals. The music was performed by Richard Egües, Marta Valdés, and Elena Burke.

2013: The Latin American New Cinema Festival, Havana, December.

2014: The University of Missouri, presented by Efrain Barradas and Patricia Gonzalez

May 10, 2014: Fundación Caguayo in Santiago de Cuba, presented by Reynaldo  Cedeño.


Cordones-Cook, Juanamaria. Diago: Artista apalencado / A Maroon Artist (2013)ca. 27 minutes long with English subtitles. Comment: presentation of a prominent multimedia artist, Juan Roberto Diago (1972), who employs discarded materials. Diago understands the creative possibilities of recycling for bricolage and enriches his images by juxtaposing graffiti with racially contesting intent. He has labeled himself a “maroon artist” and his art work results in “cultural resistance”. In this documentary, Diago openly discusses issues of race and poverty in contemporary Cuba, as well as their representation in his paintings and installations. 

Dec. 2013: The Latin American New Cinema Festival in Arte y Tradición, Havana.

Feb. 11, 2014: Celebrating Black History Month, University of Missouri, Columbia.

Feb. 26, 2014: Truman State University.

Mar 21, 2014: Fundación Caguayo, in Santiago de Cuba.

The Ludwig Fundation in Cuba is screening Juanamaria Cordones-Cook’s Cuban documentaries in a course on Cuban Arts and Culture for students from The Tisch School of the Arts (NYU).

Cordones-Cook, Juanamaria. Rogelio Martínez Furé: Un griot cubano / A Cuban Griot (January 2014). Direction and production by Juanamaría Cordones-Cook. Comment: presentation of a writer, Africanist, scholar of folklore, and religion, and founder of the National Folkloric Ballet. Through conversations with Furé and other prominent Afro-Cuban intellectuals, as well as images of religious rituals and dances of the National Folkloric Ballet and the Olurum Group, film discloses layers of Cuba’s rich cultural heritage and African legacy. It portrays Furé as a contemporary griot, a repository of oral tradition who recovers and guards Afro-Cuban and Caribbean silenced memories and true identity.

Feb. 2014: Premiere at MACA, in UNEAC, Havana. Presented by Georgina Herrera and Nancy Morejón.
Mar. 21, 2014: Fundación Caguayo, in Santiago de Cuba.

Cordones-Cook, Juanamaria. Choco (April 2014). Comment: presentation of Eduardo “Choco” Roca Salazar, an artist who embodies the cultural success of the Cuban Revolution in its promotion of the arts. Born in a working class family in a small town in the Oriente province, Choco graduated from Cuba’s National School of Art and became a world famous print-maker. Documentary shows Choco at work in his Old Havana workshop, as well as visiting his former art school and a vast collection of his art work from the start of his career. Film is enriched by readings by Nancy Morejón and Pablo Milanés, as well as the music created especially for Choco by Miguelito Núñez.


Lisa Dorner – Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis

On April 24, 2014 the Office of Academic Affairs announced that it would fund an inter-campus shared course on Bilingual Education. The team undertaking this collaborative endeavor consists of Drs. Rachel J. Pinnow & Lisa Dorner (MU), Kim Song (UMSL), and Uzziel Pecina (UMKC). Below is the course promotional information. Dr. Dorner and the other collaborators look forward to completing development of the course this summer and offering it online Fall 2014 through Mizzou. 


LTC 8900 Seminar in Bilingual Education 

This course will address the theory, policy, and practice of bilingual education in the U.S. and international contexts. This course will examine different models of bilingual education as well as cultural, social, and political perspectives on language minority education. Emphasis is placed on the pedagogical implications of teaching bilingual students with particular attention paid to first language development and second language teaching for linguistically and culturally diverse students.



Drs. Rachel J. Pinnow & Lisa Dorner (MU), Kim Song (UMSL), and Uzziel Pecina (UMKC)



Online Fall 2014 through Mizzou

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