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Cambio Center News - March 2015

In this newsletter: Changes at the Cambio Center, Cambio de Colores Update, Research Planning, Language Services Program, Updates from Fellows, Upcoming events

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Changes at the Cambio Center
Thanks to all who attended the reception to recognize Domingo Martínez’s dedicated work as the first director of the Cambio Center (2004-2015).






center leaders

Photo credits: Wen Ouyang

His leadership has helped make the Cambio Center’s first 10 years of research and outreach possible, and set the foundation for continuing its groundbreaking work. Domingo decided to step down as Director of the Cambio Center (effective January 15th, 2015), and will continue to serve Mizzou as a Research Associate in the Cambio Center and CAFNR International Programs, where he has worked since 1991.

In January, Dr. Stephen Jeanetta was named interim director of the Center. Dr. Jeanetta was one of the co-founders of the Cambio Center and has been involved in its research and outreach activities.

Cambio de Colores 2015

Cambio de Colores will be held in Kansas City on June 10-12, 2015. The conference is currently receiving proposals for its Call for Presentations. Deadline is Monday, March 9. Please see the Call for Presentations.

In February, Dr. Jeanetta and Lindsey Saunders met with some partner groups in Kansas City about the conference. The conference will include site visits to some of these key organizations to see and learn from their experiences.  

Research Planning
Cambio Center fellows are meeting regularly on Wednesday mornings to discuss research interests and develop collaborative proposals. Please contact us if you are interested in participating.

Cambio Center’s New “Language Services Program”
The Cambio Center has recently launched its Language Services Program to provide translation, interpretation, transcription, and editing services in Spanish and English languages. Our goal is to provide a service to our state to enable institutions, organizations, and others to effectively communicate with Spanish language audiences. We work with native bilingual speakers to ensure that our translations sound natural and accurately communicate information. Contact us if you have any questions.

Updates from Cambio Center Fellows

Lisa Flores - ESCP
Congratulations to Lisa Flores for being awarded the Shining Star award from the 2015 National Multicultural Conference and Summit (NMCS) Coordination Team.

Gustavo Carlo - HDFS
Research projects I’m involved in:
Latino/a Adolescent Sexual E-Health Research (LASER) project. 
Environmental Toxicants and Health Outcomes Study (ETHOS).
Latino Youth Care Project (LYCP).

Knight, G. P., Carlo, G., Basilio, C. D., & Jacobson, R. P.  (in press). Familism values, perspective taking, and prosocial moral reasoning: Predicting prosocial tendencies among Mexican American adolescents. Journal of Research on Adolescence.

Raffaelli, M., Iturbide, M., Carranza, M., & Carlo, G. (2014). Maternal distress and adolescent well-being in Latino families: Examining potential interpersonal mediators. Journal of Latino/a Psychology, 2, 103-112.

Armenta, B. E., Zamboanga, B. L., Schwartz, S. J., Soto, J. A., Huynh, Q-L., Carlo, G., & Knight, G. P. (in press). The role of self-esteem and cultural values in the associations between ethnic group attachment and prosocial tendencies. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology.

Nelson, T. D., Kidwell, K. M., Armenta, B. E., Crockett, L. J., Carlo, G., & Whitbeck, L. B. (2013). Rural Latino adolescent health: Preliminary examination of health risks and cultural correlates. Journal of Health Psychology, 19, 802-808.

Shen, Y-L., Carlo, G., & Knight, G. P. (2013). Relations between parental disciplines, empathy-related traits, and prosocial moral reasoning: A multi-cultural examination. Journal of Early Adolescence, 33, 994-1021.

Carlo, G., Mestre, M. V., McGinley, M., Tur-Porcar, A., Samper, P., & Streit, C. (2013). The structure and correlates of a measure of prosocial moral reasoning in adolescents from Spain. European Journal of Developmental Psychology, 10, 174-189.

Brittian, A. S., O'Donnell, M., Knight, G. P., Carlo, G., Umaña-Taylor, A. J., & Roosa, M. W. (2013). Associations between adolescents’ perceived discrimination and prosocial tendencies: The mediating role of Mexican American values. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 42, 328-341.

Classes I teach related to mission:  HDFS 4200/7100 Latino Youth and Families

Lisa Dorner – ELPA
Dr. Dorner and others from the UM System have formed the Missouri Dual Language Network (MODLAN) to share resources and support the development of strong, multilingual education. See their website:

Sarah F. May – ESCP
Journal of Latina/o Psychology. “Latina/o Immigrant Integration in the Rural Midwest: Host Community Resident and Immigrant Perspectives”
Sarah F. May, Lisa Y. Flores, Stephen Jeanetta, Lindsey Saunders, Corinne Valdivia, Marvyn R. Arévalo Avalos, and Domingo Martínez
Online First Publication, December 15, 2014.

Upcoming Events:
“Leadership Development Program for Spanish Speaking Audiences”
Wednesday, March 11, 12pm CST, organized by NCERA 216
To connect to the webinar, please go to:
Presentation: The webinar will describe the model and provide details of the process to deliver Leadership Programs for Spanish Speaking audiences in Marion County, state of Indiana. This program was created to develop the capacity of this new immigrant population to overcome obstacles and thrive in the new communities.
Carmen E. DeRusha is an Extension Educator in the area of Economic and Community Development at the Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service in Marion County, Indiana.  Carmen, originally from Colombia, moved to the USA in 1986.  Carmen has a bachelor’s degree in Educational Psychology and Administration; and a master degree in Education and Social Development. Carmen is a Diversity Practitioner Certified, by the National Training Laboratory and a certified Intercultural Development Inventory administrator.

Neoliberalism and Public Higher Education – March 27-28 at Michigan State University
The Julian Samora Research Institute is hosting a nationwide conference on neoliberalism and public higher education on March 27-28. Nationally known and emerging scholars and researchers will present and participate in panel discussions on the corporatization of public universities, the privatization of public higher education and its implications for democracy, performance-based budgeting and its implications for institutional governance, neoliberalism and shared governance, rising tuitions rates and their implications for working class and minority students, the assault on ethnic studies and its implications for academic freedom and curriculum,  and flexible labor and the dramatic increase of adjunct faculty members.


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