Andrés Mesa

A decorate border with a talavera pottery pattern. Pattern is colorful with green, red, yellow, and white.
Image of Assistant Coordinator of Cambio Center and Student Fellow, Andrés. He is wearing a blue dress shirt. Image is framed by a gold circular accent.

Andrés Mesa, Ph.D.
Assistant Coordinator of Cambio Center

Andres Mesa is a Colombian Postdoctoral Fellow and recent Ph.D. graduate in Rural Sociology at Mizzou. He joined the Cambio Center as a Graduate Student Assistant between 2019-2022. He was integral in the creation of the Intercampus Latinx Studies Minor at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Currently, Andrés is the Assistant Coordinator of the office. On Campus, he has volunteered with some Latinx organizations, such as the Latinx Graduate Professional Network (LGPN). He is the former vice president and worked to integrate Latinx students on Campus. In Colombia, he worked as a food safety trainer for small farmers and producers, a teacher, a lecturer, and a researcher.