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Publications and Presentations

Publications and presentations will be shared here as they are available. Please check back in the project’s later years. Additionally, tools and findings will be shared via several networks:

NCERA 216: Latinos and Immigrants in Midwestern Communities
Cambio de Colores annual conference
Julian Samora Research Institute
Networks of Latinos and Latino Farmers
Research and extension journals

Resource Providers Webinar One April 16, 2020:      
     Video of the Webinar
     Audio of the Webinar
     Descriptive Findings for Missouri, Michigan, and Iowa
     Farmworkers in Northwest Iowa. A Capitals Framework
     Latino Agriculture Entrepreneurship Strategies, Networks of Support and Sustainable Rural             Development: Michigan        

Resource Providers Webinar Two April 30, 2020:     
     Video of the Webinar
     Audio of the Webinar
     Farmworkers in Northwest Iowa
     Latino Agricultural Entrepreneurship Strategies, Networks of Support, and Sustainable Rural Development: Michigan
     Latino Agricultural Entrepreneurship Pathways      

 Resource Providers Webinar Three May 14, 2020
      Video of the Webinar
      Latino Farmer Readiness Assessment Tool
      How Should an Organization Prepare to Work with Latinx Farmers
      Tips for Working with Latinos       








This project was supported by Agriculture and Food Research Initiative Competitive Grant no. 2016-68006-25210 from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

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