Cambio Fellows

Meet our Faculty and Student Fellows

Cambio Center Fellows are faculty, academic staff, students, and others involved in the activities detailed in our Mission. They may be members of the University of Missouri system or other institutions interested in cooperating with the Center’s educational, research, and outreach activities, and willing to develop programs with other Center Fellows.

The Cambio Center actively promotes the scholarship of its Fellows and their mentored students, and supports their efforts to seek funding for collaborative work to address the Center’s goals. Fellows meet regularly during the school year to support their networking, to share their work and provide feedback, and to determine what activities or other support may be of interest and use to them.

The Student Fellows Program is a special effort to mentor scholars into our community of practice. Each student is assigned a mentor from among Cambio Center Faculty Fellows and becomes fully integrated into the work of the Center.

Faculty or students interested in becoming fellows are encouraged to contact the Cambio Center ( The Center will ask for a CV and a short statement about your interests related to our Mission. Fellows are selected and invited to participate by the Cambio Center Board (see our Advisory Board Members here).

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What follows is the current list of Cambio Center Fellows and information about their interests related to the center’s mission.

Faculty Fellows

Student Fellows

  • Victoria Aceves-Power, Department of Psychological Sciences, MU
  • Fernanda Alexander, Social Work, MU
  • Aaron Arredondo, Sociology, College of Arts & Science, MU
  • John K. Bonilla Aranzales, Political Science, MU
  • Ángel Colón Santiago, School of Natural Resources, MU
  • Adrianna Gonzalez, College of Education & Human Devlopment, MU
  • Audrey Glenn-Pérez, College of Education & Human Development, MU      
  • Maryluz Hoyos, College of Education & Human Devlopment, MU
  • JinKoo Lee, Clinical Psychology, MU
  • Ervin Leiva, Agricultural and Applied Economics, MU
  • Healther Lindfors-Navarro, College of Education & Human Development, MU 
  • Alicia K. Long, School of Information Science & Learning Technologies, MU
  • Leticia Martinez, Educational, College of Education & Human Development, MU
  • Jorge Carlos Martínez Palomares, Agricultural & Appplied Economics, MU
  • Lucia G. Medina, Educational Psychology, College of Education, MU
  • Jenny Melo, Rural Sociology, College of Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources, MU
  • Andrés Mesa Valencia, Rural Sociology, College of Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources, MU
  • Juan José Reyes Valladares, Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis, MU
  • Avelina Rivero, College of Human Environmental Sciences, MU
  • Mónica Romero, Psychology, College of Education, MU 
  • Milena Rondón, Spanish American Literature, School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, MU 
  • Olivia Warner, Clinical Psychology, MU