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The Cambio Center and its Fellows lead groundbreaking research across several disciplines. The big questions of immigrant integration, of the push and pull factors connected to migration, and of Latino and immigrant health, education, and wellbeing are best understood through interdisciplinary approaches.

The Cambio Center has hosted several interdisciplinary projects, including the project to identify Assets Accumulation Strategies in Three New Settlement Communities (2006-2010), and the Immigrant Integration and Sustainable Rural Development project (2011-2015) that sought to link receiving and newcomer communities in three rural towns in Missouri. The center's current project (2016-2019) is the Latino Agricultural Entrepreneurship Project, with activities in Iowa, Michigan and Missouri.

Our Fellows also pursue disciplinary and interdisciplinary research hosted in their departments and other centers. We seek to share their work including academic articles and formats intended for more general audiences.


Illumination magazine explores the Immigrant Integration project's work in Milan, Missouri