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The Cambio Center provides several services to the university, state and community to support the successful integration of newcomers. These services include:

Language Services Program - LSP provides high-quality, detail-oriented translation services (written word), interpretation services (spoken word), and transcription services (writing down the recorded spoken word) between English and Spanish. Our experienced staff are bilingual in English and Spanish, and only translate into their native language, a requirement for strong, natural-sounding translations. All translations are reviewed for accuracy and flow. Learn more and see current fee schedules. Fee schedules were updated as of April 1, 2016.

Translation Training Opportunities. The Cambio Center's Language Services Program offers opportunities to learn or improve your skills as an English/Spanish translator. The classes are free, 1.5 hours interactive trainings with real life, practical examples for hands-on experience. Contact us if you are interested:

Training Resources - The Cambio Center offers trainings in Intercultural Communication. Contact the Cambio Center for details: